Black Limba Baritone Uke Set - Quarter Sawn

Black Limba Baritone Uke Set - Quarter Sawn

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  • Quarter Sawn
  • Baritone
As is common with Black Limba, there are a number of beetle holes in this set that will need to be filled or profiled out


Length:          16"
Width:              6"
Thickness:  .155"          
Length:         22"
Width:             4"
Thickness:  .135"

Outline shown is a Baritone Size.

We try to accurately represent our wood in the pictures.  Please look closely at the images, the description and the measurements.  If you are in doubt of anything or have any questions please ask.
All wood is either kiln dried to 6-8%, or air dried to 10-12% unless otherwise noted.  Sanded both sides to 80 grit.
Wood has been wiped with Naptha for pictures to show grain and color.
Additional thickness sanding available.

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